Group 1 - Fairbrother, Brookes

Connecting the World Online
Judged by Team 1

Group 2 - Draper, Fisch, Preis

How the WWW has changed the world
Judged by Team 2

Group 3 McLeay, Penstone

How workflow software has enhanced productivity and communication
Judged by Team 3

Group 4 Hokanson, Cofino

The changing shape of information
Judged by Team 4

Group 5 Shepard, Floyd

Why we should be promoting Web 2.0 tools for sharing information
Judged by Team 5

Group 6 O'Connell, Cofino

Globalization and outsourcing
Judged by Team 6:

Group 7 Brookes, Utecht

Google takes over the world
Judged by Team 7:

Group 8 Vrotny, O'Connell

Personal learning environments and social networking
Judged by Team 8:

Group 9 van 't Hooft, Utecht

Mobile and Ubiquitous
Judged by Team 9:

Group 10 Baber, Strecker

Virtual Communication
Judged by Team 10:
  • Lee Baber, Computer Technology Educator, Rockingham County School System - blog, Website
  • Amy Strecker, Director of Community Content, MindOH!, Warrenton, North Carolina

Group 11 Durff, Penstone

Wireless Connectivity
Judged by Team 11