NEW 'Flat Classroom Projects' 2009-2010

As the northern hemisphere academic year comes to an end and some us look forward to some down time I want to share with you our plans for flat classroom projects and events over the next 12 months. I encourage teachers to consider when they can embed a flat classroom experience into their curriculum. Also share this with colleagues within your schools. Flat classroom projects are cross-curricular and aim for cultural diversity.Don't forget also our international opportunities to meet face-2-face at Flat Classroom Workshops at 21C Learners Hong Kong (September 2009) and ASB Unplugged Mumbai (February 2010)

Here are the projects we intend to run 2009-2010
Consider opportunities you have in the next year to embed a flat classroom experience into the curriculum. Also share this with colleagues within your schools. Flat classroom projects are cross-curricular and aim for cultural diversity.
Don't forget ALL project and workshop and conference details and press releases, as well as project archives, for ALL flat classroom initiatives can be found on our wiki at

Flat Classroom Project

The plan is to run three flat classroom projects over the next 12 months to cater for different curriculum and calendar variations globally.
  • Flat Classroom Project 09-3 (Oct-Dec),
  • Flat Classroom Project 10-1 (Jan-March),
  • Flat Classroom Project 10-2 (April-June)
  • Flat Classroom Project 10-3 (Oct - Dec 2010)
Flat Classroom Project New Teacher Guide
Flat Classroom Project
Application Form


We also plan to run three Digiteen projects to cater for global requests and calendars.
  • Digiteen 09-3 (Oct-Dec),
  • Digiteen 10-1 (Jan-March),
  • Digiteen 10-2 (April-June)
  • Digiteen 10-3 (Oct-Dec 2010)
Digiteen Project New Teacher Guide
Digiteen project
Application Form

Horizon/ NetGen Remix

(late Feb-April 2010)
Based upon the annual Horizon Report, this project incorporates the current research on students, learning, and the newest technology and is announced in January 2010 with the title and the author(s) that will be incorporated into the project. More details coming soon


This is a new project based on the student-led outcome from the Flat Classroom Conference held in Qatar, January 2009. The winning student team invented the term and started ideas for 'Eracism' as a global project.
We are very excited to be launching a NEW project for Middle School (Grade 7/8 levels are perfect) called ERACISM. You are invited to APPLY to be part of this pilot project starting VERY SOON. We need schools from around the world to submit teams to make this conversation and debate real! The pilot Eracism project will run from Oct -December 2009
Find out more about this project, the organizers, and the sponsors of this project or request more information.

Educator Flat Classroom Project

Also, as a heads up, and still very much at the discussion stage, we are planning an educator/pre-service teacher immersion project option. We aim to provide an opportunity for educators to be part of their own project as professional development or as part of their pre-service 'training', thereby developing skills and knowledge in Web 2.0, multimedia and global collaborative project pedagogy. Once again, watch this space for more updates!

In addition.....
NECC 2009 - If you are going to be
NECC09 in Washington DC in 3 weeks, plan to come to our Flat Classroom Birds of a Feather session. Vicki Davis and I plan to provide inspiration and opportunity for like-minded educators to collaborate and plan MORE flat clasroom projects. There is a particular need to seriously plan collaborations for Primary level classes. We have many requests for projects to be adapted or created for this level of education. So, come along with your ideas and let's do it!

Flat Classrooms Ning - Don't forget, you do not have to be at NECC09 and face-to-face to help plan a new project! Come and join our educators only (no students on this one) Ning and start a group, start a discussion, start a conversation about joining your classrooms and flattening the walls.

Is there a flat classroom project in your future?