Announcing New Projects 2010-2011

We are delighted to announce the re-opening of applications for the collection of Flat Classroom Projects 2010-2011.

Flat Classroom Project

The Flat Classroom™ Project is a global collaborative project that joins together middle and high school students (typically grade 9-12, 14-18 years old).
The project is offered three-times per year and runs for 8-10 weeks in order to cater for different curriculum and calendar variations globally.
  • Flat Classroom Project 10-3 (Oct-Dec),
  • Flat Classroom Project 11-1 (Jan-March),
  • Flat Classroom Project 11-2 (April-June)
  • Flat Classroom Project 11-3 (Oct-Dec 2011)

Flat Classroom Project New Teacher Guide
Flat Classroom Project
Application Form
Applications close September 1, 2010 for Flat Classroom Project 10-3


We are delighted to announce the re-opening of applications for the Digiteen Project 2010-2011. Each project is offered three-times per year and runs for 8-10 weeks. The Digiteen™ Project is a global hands-on project for middle and early high school students, (typically Grade 6-9, 11-15 year old). This project studies digital citizenship with students researching current topics, writing a collaborative report on a wiki, and performing and documenting offline action educational projects to promote effective digital citizenship at their local schools. Topics of study include digital: access, communications, literacy, security and safety, etiquette, rights and responsibilities, law, health and wellness, and commerce.

  • Digiteen 10-3 (Oct-Dec),
  • Digiteen 11-1 (Jan-March),
  • Digiteen 11-2 (April-June)
  • Digiteen 11-3 (Oct-Dec 2011)

Information about the project can be found at
Application information is found on the Apply tab of at
Applications close September 15 for the Digiteen 10-2 project.


This was a new project piloted in 2009 based on the student-led outcome from the Flat Classroom Conference held in Qatar, January 2009. The winning student team invented the term and started ideas for 'Eracism' as a global project.

Watch this space for further announcements coming about:
  • Eracism Project: A global collaborative debate, to be offered 2010-2011
  • NetGenEd Project: Another Flat Classroom Project that joins students to research emerging technologies in an increasingly digital world, offered in Semester 2. See for the most recent completed project

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Flat Classroom Conference 2011, Beijing, China

February 25-27, 2011


The NEXT Flat Classroom Conference is in Beijing, February 25-27, 2011. Join us at the W.A.L.L. - We All Learn and Lead in China!

The Flat Classroom™ Conference is a unique limited-seating conference including students and educators to envision the future of education as they use leading technology tools such as

wikis, blogs, social networking and multi-media storytelling. The conference is diverse in participation while allowing smaller groups with leading world-class presenters in a "flattened" environment where virtual participants join in the conversation from remote corners of the world.
Educators will leave the conference understanding how to collaborate globally and with contacts in hand to start projects. Students will leave the conference with leadership skills, technology skills, presentation skills, and a better understanding of diverse cultures and collaboration.
Educators come and join the Leadership Workshop! Teachers apply to bring students to the Student Summit and allow them to be challenged to find a voice while collaborating with others from around the world.
Early Bird registration until September 15! All details, including online Registration at
Are you interested in sponsoring a Flat Classroom Workshop or Flat Classroom Conference? A range of sponsorship opportunities are available to ICT and education vendors as well as other companies and individuals interested in supporting the event. See

Educator Flat Classroom Project

Also, as a heads up, and still very much at the discussion stage, we are planning an educator/pre-service teacher immersion project option. We aim to provide an opportunity for educators to be part of their own project as professional development or as part of their pre-service 'training', thereby developing skills and knowledge in Web 2.0, multimedia and global collaborative project pedagogy. Once again, watch this space for more updates!

Flat Classrooms Ning - Don't forget, you do not have to be at any of the face-to-face conferences/workshops to help plan or participate in future projects! Come and join our educators only (no students on this one) Ning and start a group, start a discussion, start a conversation about joining your classrooms and flattening the walls.

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